Perfect Patchwork Templates: Sets A, B, C and D, and Volumes 1 & 2

Sets A and B, and Volume 1 of the Encyclopedia of Patchwork Blocks

Set A:

template sets



Set B:
template sets


Volume 1, Encyclopedia of Patchwork BlocksThe templates in Set A are based on a 3" (7.6 cm) finished square and its most common component parts. Those in Set B are the same geometric components of a square, but are based on a finished 4" (10 cm) square. Any patchwork block you can make with Set A templates can also be made with Set B; it will just be larger.

See the blocks here. Every template has its own permanent identifying number. The collection of patchwork blocks featured in Volume 1 is keyed numerically for use with the corresponding Perfect Patchwork Templates. The versatility of the templates means you can make several block sizes from each set of templates. The Encyclopedia of Patchwork Blocks, Volume 1 offers 69 blocks that you can make with either template set. View a page from the book in a pop-out window.

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Scroll down to see a few of the quilts you can make with Sets A and B.


There are 3 combinations of square, half-square triangle and quarter-square triangle in Set A and also in Set B.That means you can make hundreds (hundreds!) of block designs! For a reference click this link to download the PDF of this image:

From Marti Michell Sets A and B

Get the PDF for the Best Way to Measure and Cut Set B (cut strips for Set A the same way). Also visit the Quilt Show section of our Website to see beautiful quilts made with our templates by Eunice Palffy-Muhoray of Akron, Ohio. You can use 6" blocks from Volume 1 in the center of a Feathered Star made with Set O, too.

Here are two quilts made with Set A. They are featured in the Feathered Star Medallion Quilt Pattern.

Feathered Star Medallion quilt patternFeathered Star Medallion Quilt

And two made with Set B: Bed of Roses quilt pattern.

Bed of Roses quilt pattern

Downhill Dreamer quilt pattern

Set C and D and Volume 2

Set C:

template sets



Set D:

template sets


Volume 2, Encyclopedia of Patchwork Blocks


Template Set C includes bonus shapes that complement Set A, and Template Set D includes the same shapes at sizes that complement Set B. So if you own Sets A and C, or Sets B and D, you will love Volume 2 of the Encyclopedia of Patchwork Blocks, with approximately 80 block designs in over 200 block sizes from which to choose.
See the blocks here.

View a page in a pop-out window.

Order Volume 2 Product No. 8343, $11.98

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Scroll down to see a few of the quilts you can make with Sets A and C or B and D.

Use Sets A and C or Sets B and D to make a great Scrappy Sedona Star quilt. Use the link a to see all the quilt options in the pattern.

Scrappy Sedona Star quilt pattern


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