Combination Quilts—A Bonus Wallhanging

Combination Quilts

When one quilt with all the same blocks is tiresome and a sampler is too much variety, a combination quilt may be just the thing to make. Here are some tips:

  1. It is easier to combine blocks that are designed on the same grid. For example, the three blocks we have chosen are all 12ʺ squares divided by six.
  2. It is helpful if some of the shapes are common.
  3. Blocks seem to fit better if you can see that, when the blocks are placed edge to edge, some points would touch.

nine-patchThe arrangement shown below can be thought of as an adaptation of a three-color nine patch, shown at right. Replace the center black block with one that radiates to and connects with all parts of the quilt. Mrs. Cleveland’s Choice fits the bill. The white side blocks are filled with Lazy Susan, chosen to accent and echo the on-point center of Mrs. Cleveland’s Choice. The gray corners are replaced with Prince of Lyon, a patchwork block that is heavy enough to balance the design. Best of all, all of these blocks are Free Block Friday selections. It is also nice that the side and corner blocks have the center square and rectangles in the same positions, again echoing the shapes.

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A Bonus Wallhanging

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