It’s a Cake Walk

Cake Walk


Use with From Marti Michell Set D Product 8254 (pieces 22 & 23) and Layer Cake Squares trimmed to 9″.


Use Set D and Layer Cake Squares


Cutting the Pieces

Cut the #23 triangles the same way for all blocks so the stars will spin consistently. DO NOT fold fabric to cut triangles.


D2-23 Star


In the quilt shown, the D-23 stars were cut with the template face down and fabric right side up.


Trimming the Squares 

Illustrated for Right and Left-handed Cutting

Work on a rotating mat

1. Trim the corners of the squares. Use template 22 to trim the first corner as shown. Mark the trimmed edge in the seam allowance (or all 8 edges will appear to be the same length).

Align the blunt corners of the template carefully against the top and side of each square. (D-22 is symmetrical so it can be used face up or face down.)



2. Turn the fabric 90º counterclockwise. Continue trimming and marking the corners.

Illustrated for Right-handed Cutting
Illustrated for Left-handed Cutting

Making the Block

1. Join a D-23 triangle to the first marked side. Press the seam allowances toward the center.



    2. Continue rotating 90  and adding the D-23 triangles to the marked sides to complete the block. Press the seam allowances toward the center.



      Color it your way



      Download PDF – It’s a Cake Walk (with coloring sheet) >

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