Speedy Peaky & Spike Blocks

Stack, Cut, Rotate to Make Scrappy Sedona Blocks

Finished Sizes: Sets A & C, 9ʺ | Sets B & D, 12ʺ | Sets T & R, 15ʺ  

1. Layer six fabrics right sides up. Cut out all pieces for the block. WARNING: In Scrappy Sedona, pieces #17 in Set C, #23 in Set D, and #97 in Set R are asymmetrical. Cut half with the template right side up and half with template right side down. See cutting layouts below.
2. Arrange stacks in block pattern. (Try this method with other traditional block designs, too.)
3. Move background pieces, top layer only, to the bottom of each stack. The fabric combination for the first block is revealed. Sew it. Then sew the next combination, and so on to make six blocks.

Perfect Patchwork Templates— The Templates with the Smart Corners

1. This is your basic right angle triangle with ¼ʺ seam allowance that creates long, bulky, pointed corners. Because the points are so long and bulky, some quilters have learned to blunt the points to help prevent them from catching in their machine’s feed dogs. That’s nice, as far as it goes!
2. Another reason to nip off the points is to eliminate those pesky “dog ears.” If you don’t, they are left extending beyond the unit, adding bulk and more chances for misalignment and risking “showing through” light fabrics.

3. When quilters align a triangle on a square by eye, it may look good, but it’s not always accurate.

4. With Perfect Patchwork Templates, you just sew a ¼ʺ seam allowance, because pieces line up PERFECTLY.

5. While the engineered corners are fabulous for squares and triangles, they are magical on odd shapes like Peaky & Spike.


 Find Peaky and Spike in these template sets: Product #8253 Set C, 3ʺ finished; #8254 Set D, 4ʺ finished; #8019 Set R, 5ʺ finished #8019. Can’t decide? Multi-Size Peaky & Spike, #8289, 1ʺ to 6ʺ every ½ʺ.

The late Doreen Speckmann named this lovable, but seldom used pair of triangles Peaky and Spike. A very popular quilting teacher, she then promoted them and made them famous in the quilt world. We call them Peaky and Spike in her memory.


Scrappy Sedona Cutting Layouts

Sets A & C = 9ʺ Blocks 21”      Fat Eighth

Sets B & D = 12” blocks           21”      Fat Quarter

Set R = 15” blocks       21”      Fat Quarter


Use the “stack, cut and rotate” concept for cutting many blocks at one time with our Winding Ways templates, too. Make it 8½ʺ with set #8974. Alternate light and dark fabrics as you stack to maximize the circular design elements. Then cut all the pieces needed for the block from each fabric following the cutting layout below.


For complete details and 14 different layouts, from crib to king size, see our Scrappy Sedona Star Pattern #8016.


If you are really careful and follow the cutting diagram on page 25 of the Scrappy Sedona pattern, Product #8016, you can cut both a 9ʺ set and a 12ʺ set of pieces from one fat quarter.


Download Speedy Peaky & Spike Blocks PDF Handout >


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