8949 | Giant Dahlia Template Set
8949 | Giant Dahlia Template Set

8949 | Giant Dahlia Template Set

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9 Pieces with quarter-inch seam allowances. Makes a 54-inch (137 cm) diameter Dahlia center for an 84 1/2-inch by 101 1/2-inch quilt. Includes instruction booklet.

The Giant Dahlia is a classic design. Today's fabrics give it a brand new look. Our acrylic templates, designed for rotary cutting, will give quilters a new outlook! Lots of people want to make Giant Dahlia quilts but no one wants to make the patterns or cut cardboard templates. The Giant Dahlia Template Set includes nine pieces with 1/4" seam allowances, and complete instructions for making a queen/double quilt.

The classic pieced border shown in the instructions is cut perfectly with Perfect Patchwork Template Set B or use the paper patterns included.

King Size Variation Giant Dahlia PDF

Giant Dahlia Color Page PDF

Use the Giant Dahlia Template Set to Make a Christmas Tree Skirt

Marti showed this piecing technique on "Simply Quilts" Episode 550

1. Using a strip of tape, mark a new cutting line on "piece a", just above the asterisk on the template. This is approximate and should be adequate for any size tree trunk. Mark the three dots. (The dot for the tip of the a piece is not needed.)

2. Sew the a pieces into pairs as shown in the instructions, but use dot-to-edge sewing, not dot-to-dot.

3. Substitute the diagram below for diagram 3A. Trim any uneven edges along the circular opening. Sew all the units together, leaving the last seam unsewn.

4. Follow the Giant Dahlia instructions. Sew the arcs together, leaving the last seam unsewn.

5. Layer and quilt. Bind with bias tape. OR line the tree skirt, leaving an opening on one edge. Turn through the opening and sew the opening closed.


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