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Marti has been using Perfect Patchwork Templates for years. Quilts that Marti has designed and made have been featured in national quilt magazines for many years, especially Better Homes and Gardens "American Patchwork and Quilting" magazine.

Some articles were published before the invention of the templates, others are about using the templates to make specific quilts, and a few are "meet Marti" type articles. If you are a dedicated quilter, you probably have many of these issues in your magazine collection. What you may not have thought of, though, is that you can substitute many of our templates for pattern pieces in almost any quilt magazine! Bookmark this page and visit often to see what new magazines feature quilts waiting to be made the easy, accurate way with From Marti Michell Perfect Patchwork Templates!

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Newest Magazine Articles

Summer Bliss quilt by Marti Michell

Aug 2012
American Patchwork & Quilting

Marti's beautiful "Summer Bliss" quilt made with Set T is on the cover and the pattern for the quilt is given inside the magazine. We are offering quilt kits in our web store, however, the pattern is only available in the magazine. The king size kit includes instructions only for adjusting the magazine pattern to the larger size.

American Patchwork & Quilting magazine August 2012

Photos copyright 2012 Meredith Corporation. All rights reserved. Used with permission.

Fresh Cuts Quilt by Marti MichellOct 2010
American Patchwork & Quilting

The pattern for Marti's "Fresh Cuts" quilt are shown on pages 44-53. We are offering a quilt kit for $169 postpaid. You can add Shades SoftFuse die-cut swags for $37.50.

We are also offering a complete kit with the SoftFuse swags and all the tools - Set E, the Kite Ruler and the large Diagonal Set Triangle Ruler - for $250.00.

Jan/Feb 2008 Quiltmaker

Marti's Ramblin' Aunt Sukey was featured on the cover of Quiltmaker! Instructions for making the quilt with two triangles (one is our corner trimmer) and quilting it in sections. Use your fabrics.


Marti's Aunt Sukey quilt on Quiltmaker cover

Rosy Retreat Quilt2007 McCall's Quick Quilts

The July 2007 issue of McCall's Quick Quilting features the pattern for Marti's quick & easy Rosy Retreat quilt, beginning on page 44.

BH&G's American Patchwork & Quilting

2004 page 62

Better Homes and Gardens "Quilting Ideas"
At the Garden Gate, a Whirligig quilt made using Template Set H and the small equilateral Triangle Ruler.

2003 Feb Issue 60 Courthouse Steps, made using the quilt-as-you-sew technique. Many quilters have asked us about the fabric used in the border. It is called "Moosehead Lodge", designed by Teresa Kogut for Southsea Imports., Unfortunately, this fabric is no longer available.
2001 August Issue 51 Seven Sisters, Set H & 60-degree ruler
1999 Dec Issue 41 Texas Stars
Texas Stars, Set H
(Now available from Marti as a pattern.)
1998 June
Issue 32
Bear Paw, Set L
Issue 33
Sunburst, Set F
1997 Feb
Issue 24
Timber Valley, Set B
Issue 25
Rainbow Swirl, Set A
Issue 26
Cinnamon Spice, Set A

Issue 27

Scrap Showcase, Sets B & D
Issue 28
Sizzling Lily, Sets A & E
Issue 29
Garden Path, Set B
1997 Dec/Issue 29 Garden Bouquet, Annual APQ Sampler, Sets A thru E. This quilt is refabricated and featured in Marti's book, The Quilt for a Cure Sampler Quilt Book.
1996 Oct
Issue 22
Rocky Road to Kansas, Set D
1995 Feb
Issue 12
Toad in a Puddle, could use Set A
Sixth block in APQ 1994 Sampler Quilt
Issue 15
Ohio Sunflower
Issue 17
Meet Marti
1994 April
Issue 7

Cubed Lattice, could use Set A
First block in APQ 1994 Sampler Quilt

Issue 8

Virginia Reel
Second block in APQ 1994 Sampler Quilt

Issue 9
Kaleidoscope; third block in APQ 1994 Sampler Quilt. This quilt is also featured in Marti's book Kaleido-Krazy, along with Kaleido-Ruler techniques.
Issue 10
Fall Foliage (applique)
Fourth block in APQ 1994 Sampler Quilt
Issue 11
Christmas Mosaic
Fifth block in APQ 1994 Sampler Quilt
  1994 APQ Sampler Quilt
Dec/Issue 11
Patchwork PuzzleAQP Sampler
1993 April
Issue 1
Storm at Sea
Issue 2
Boston Commons; Antique Tucked Pineapple
Issue 3
Sticks and Stones

Love of Quilting Magazine

Happy 25th anniversary, Fons & Porter! In the July/August 2006 issue, Liz and Marianne reminisce about writing their first book, Classic Quilted Vests, with the only word processor they had, a lead pencil. Our company, Yours Truly, Inc., was proud to publish that book and many other quilting books by first-time authors.

Nov/Dec 2004 page 57, Radiant Bouquet QuiltRadiant Feathered Star

Sept/Oct 2004 page 79, Marti's darling little Linked Chevrons quilt.Linked Chevrons


Jul/Aug Jul/Aug 2004 Page 24, Marti's Sunburst quilt,
made with Set FSunburst

Conversion Charts for Love of Quilting magazines

We've been so busy the past few yeas, we haven't done conversions, but if you have a stash of old magazines, you may be interested in looking at these pages:

January/February 2002
March/April 2002
July/August 2002
Sept/Oct 2002
Nov/Dec 2002
January/February 2003
March/April 2003
May/June 2003
July/August 2003
Sept/Oct 2003
Nov/Dec 2003
January/February 2004
March/April 2004
May/June 2004


McCall's Quilting

2007 July Rosy Retreat, McCall's Quick Quilts, page 44

Rose Retreat Quilt

2005 April Floral Garland, page 27.

1996 December Patchwork Profile, page 64

Quilt Magazine

#49 page 88

"Confederate Sampler" by Phyllis D. Pell is one of our Block of the Month programs that are sold to quilt shops. This particular quilt design is our Set L program.

Fall 2005 page 20

Giant Dahlia made by Jennifer Kay. Hand-dyed background fabric by Shades Textiles. Use our Giant Dahlia templates to make a 54" diameter Dahlia.

Spring 2005 page 67

"In Full Bloom," North Carolina Lily





Quilt Magazine's "Big Blocks Quilts"

#43 page 46

Giant Dahlia. Use our Giant Dahlia templates to make a 54" diameter Dahlia.



Quilt Magazine's "Small Quilts"

#44 page 28

Riddles in Red, one of Marti's Zirconia Carpenter's Wheel, Sampler #3 Here's another one



Quilt Almanac

2000 Shades of the Rainbow; Giant Dahlia template set

Woman's Own (also published by Harris)

#14 Zingy Zinnias, a quilt made by Robin Meyer using our Dresden Plate Homecoming pattern and hexagon templates.

Quilter's Newsletter Articles

2002 May Issue 342 Tools Review, page 14 (#10, hexagon templates, 60-degree triangle-rulers)

1999 Sept. Issue 315 Rotary Revolution

Also visit our Conversions pages to see how easy it is to use the templates with other published patterns.

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