You need a copy of the book to follow along, as the charts cover just our template cutting info!

Weekly Charts – Templates Used:

Weekly Chart Template(s) Used Weekly Chart Template(s) Used
Week 1 B Week 6 A + B + N
Week 2 A Week 7 M + S (5"blocks)
Week 3 A Week 8 B + D + N
Week 4 A + B Week 9 B + D + N
Week 5 A + B + N Week 10 A + B + C + D + N

Free 1920s Farmer’s Wife Conversion Charts

My mother was a farmer’s wife, so when The Farmer’s Wife Sampler Quilt book was published in 2009, I was intrigued and bought a copy, quickly realizing most of the blocks could be made with our templates. When I began making my blocks with reproduction Depression prints to honor my mom, I called Krause and asked if it would be acceptable for me to share my conversion charts with other quilters. They were thrilled, and over the years, we’ve offered the charts in emails and to shops with Farmer’s Wife Clubs. Lately, we’ve been getting new requests for them, so this break in the Free Block Friday mailings seemed like the perfect time to offer them again.

All you have to do to receive them is join our mailing list – If you’re already getting our weekly freebies, you’ll get them automatically – and after the charts, we’ll be sending weekly Surprise Friday emails, until Free Block Friday picks up again with Series 4 on January 5, 2023 – your surprise could be a free pattern, could be a code!

We divided the blocks into 10 groups of mostly 10 blocks per group, based on the template sets used to make them. And you can make the blocks in the first 3 or 4 groups with templates you may already have, the same Set A and B templates we used in all 3 Free Block Friday series to make 12-inch blocks! You can cut 101 of the 111 blocks in the book with our templates, and we offer another 10 blocks, too.

However, you will need a copy of the book to follow along, as the charts cover just our template cutting info. The book is available from a variety of online sources and check your local library or guild, too!

I’m assembling my blocks in sections so I can quilt them on my regular sewing machine, and I’ll show you how I’m doing that as we near the final mailing. Here are a few of my so-so-cute blocks:

The Most Commonly Used Template Sets

Many people ask us for "The" Farmer's Wife template set. There isn't one template set, because the designs are created on all different grids (3 across and 3 down, 4x4, 5x5, etc.), and we have been making template sets since 1995. If you have purchased our templates in the past, you probably already have some of the templates I used to cut my blocks. The best thing about the PDFs is that we eliminate seams wherever possible, so you get used to looking at a block design and thinking about ways to cut/sew more efficiently. Then you can "scale up" the same kind of planning for making bigger blocks more easily and accurately.

Set A - #8251
Set B - #8252
Set D - #8254

#8166 - Set S – Specifically designed for cutting finished 6” blocks that are designed on a 5 x 5 grid, and. 6 inches divided by 5 plus 1/2 inch seam allowance equals what? That is why you will love Set S - no math required!

#8955 - Set M is Set S’s big sister -- for 12-inch blocks designed on a 5 x 5 grid. It is used in several of the 6-inch blocks in this quilt, but the 2 sets are companions in the rest of your quilting life and we do give a price break when you buy the #8172 Sets S & M bundle.

Other Helpful Tools

#8973 - My Favorite 6-1/2 inch Squaring Up Ruler -- Every completed Farmer's Wife block should be 6-1/2 inches, including seam allowances. There are many other times you will use this ruler to square up sections as you go. It’s perfect for cutting 6-1/2 inch and smaller squares, too.

#8972 - My Favorite 3 x 18 inch Ruler -- If not this ruler, make sure that you have a “standard” ruler that is shorter than 24 inches and longer than 6-1/2 inches, as a ruler in that size range is much more convenient and accurate when working with smaller pieces of fabric.

#8253 - Set C -- These are the companion pieces for Set A. While I recommend this set all the time, don’t buy it just for this quilt!

#8641 - The Small Kaleido-Ruler -- used to true-up some pieces and in several optional substitute blocks.

#8105 - The Small Diagonal Set (No-Flip) Triangle Ruler -- If you are using the quilt layout in the book, this ruler is perfect for cutting the setting triangles and corner triangles. As soon as you have decided your background fabric, you can start cutting and adding setting triangles to opposite sides of each block and be that much closer to getting your quilt done!

Log Cabin Ruler #8038 for 1- and 2-inch finished strip widths is handy for a few of the blocks, too.

Templates and Tools used with our 1920s Farmer's Wife Conversion Charts.

You can also use them with our 1930s Farmer's Wife template conversion charts >