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Marti's Templates Make Cutting and Sewing Easier

  • Perfect companions for strip cutting and piecing techniques. Layer multiple fabrics and cut strips, then use our templates to cut basic and design-specific geometric shapes from the strips. Basic sets include size-specific shapes in up to 3 sizes to make hundreds of block designs.
  • Perfect laser cut 1/8-inch thick acrylic shapes with blunt and double-blunt corners to trim off dog ears during cutting.
  • Perfect shapes align perfectly for sewing with less bulk where seams meet.
  • Perfect 1/4 inch seam allowances included. Some templates, like those in the 60° family, include holes for marking dot-to-dot sewing. Use our multi-size rulers and templates on strips, too—we've done the math for you!
  • Perfect tools for favorite designs like Mariner's Compass, Kaleidoscope, Log Cabin, Hunter's Star and more, with cutting and sewing instructions.

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Perfect Patchwork Template Sets A & B

Marti Michell introduces us to Perfect Patchwork Templates Sets A and B, two great basic sets of acrylic templates. Set A is based on a 3-inch square, Set B is based on a 4-inch square.

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Kaleidoscope Block 1 of 4 - Introduction

Introduction to the block. In these videos, Marti explains the block and cutting the 2 types of triangles with a Kaleido-Ruler for perfectly fitting pieces every time.


The Marti Way to Cut Strips

It's easy to measure strip width to exactly what you need, even if it's an unusual measurement – Just use the template as the measuring tool! Even if you're not using templates, use your ruler! You don't move, the fabric doesn't move, only the cutting edge moves.

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