Use This Cut-Away Trick to Create a Sewing Line

This technique is a reverse Snowball trick. Use the template as a guide for cutting away excess fabric to create a definite raw edge for sewing. Many blocks, like some of those in the Encyclopedia of Patchwork Blocks, Volume 4, feature combinations of pieces that are cut from the same fabric. The cut-away technique is perfect for combining these pieces in one special shape, often beginning with a rectangle.

For example, cut a rectangle using Template 69 (Set L) and use triangle Template 71 to cut away the excess fabric.

We have shaded parts of the template designator blocks in Volume 4 to indicate where this technique will come in handy.

Make the Satin Bow block (on "The Best Way to Cut" pdf page) to thoroughly practice the cut-away technique on just one block, or for more detail, see page 14 of Volume 4. Then look for other opportunities to use the cut-away technique to save time and eliminate seams wherever possible.

Excerpted from the Encyclopedia of Patchwork Blocks, Volume 4 published by Michell Marketing, Inc. ©1998 Martha G. Michell