8251 | Template Set A | Based on 3" Square
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8251 | Template Set A | Based on 3" Square

8251 | Template Set A | Based on 3" Square

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7 clear acrylic templates. The templates in Set A are based on a 3" (7.6 cm) finished square and its most common component parts. Those in Set B are the same geometric components of a square, but are based on a finished 4" (10 cm) square.

Any patchwork block you can make with Set A templates can also be made with Set B; it will just be larger. Every template has its own permanent identifying number. The collection of patchwork blocks featured in Volume 1 is keyed numerically for use with the corresponding Perfect Patchwork Templates. The versatility of the templates means you can make several block sizes from each set of templates.

See related products picture. Use with 8065 Storm at Sea template set to make 9" Storm at Sea blocks.

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