8212 | Template Set Q | New 2 1/2" Basic Template Set
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8212 | Template Set Q | New 2 1/2" Basic Template Set

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Set Q template set includes 7 pieces.

Many popular patchwork designs require just a square, its compatible half-square triangle and companion quarter-square triangle. In the Perfect Patchwork Template System, we have many popular sizes of those three shapes: 1", 1 1/2", 2", 3", 4" and more. The only common size square that was missing was a 2 1/2" square ~ the perfect size for a basic template set and a how-to-use-templates booklet.

The "template primer" booklet includes loads of blocks, tips for combining blocks and simple quilt designs. With just three pieces, we walk and sew quilters through dozens of blocks, from 5" to 20".

Set Q has been updated to include 7 pieces. Use Set Q to make 2 1/2" finished units for dozens of block designs. Partner Set Q with our templates for 5" finished units - Set T and Set R - to make even more block sizes.

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