Perfect Patchwork Templates

Set S

Set L & MMany quilters have asked for templates to make 6-inch block on a 5 x 5 grid. The result was Perfect Patchwork Template Set S.

Most of the 5-patch blocks you can make in Volume 4 with Set M templates you can also make at 6 inches (finished) with Set S templates. The instruction booklet that comes with Set S includes those conversions and several new blocks, including some not found in the Farmer's Wife book, which has helped popularize the6-inch block size.

From Marti Michell Template Set S for 6 inch quilt blocks


Template Set S and Set M are perfect companion sets! The smallest pieces in Set M are used as the biggest pieces in the 6″ blocks, while the small pieces in Set S provide the opportunity to make many more detailed 12-inch blocks. Some people might even call them 10 x 10 blocks. These template diagrams are shown in proportion to each other.

Perfect Patchwork Template Set M for 12 inch 5 patch quilt blocks

Template Set S
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Shown below are some of the 6-inch block designs you can make using Set S. The booklet includes a discussion of the 5 x 5 base grid and ways to eliminate seams and excess bulk by using a template to cut one piece when a block design calls for two pieces that are the same fabric.

Crazy Anna
Crazy Anna 6 inch 5-patch quilt block

Duck Puddle
Duck Puddle 6 inch 5 patch quilt block
Basket 6 inch 5 patch quilt block
Providence 6 inch 5 patch Quilt Block
Scrap Basket
Scrap Basket 12 inch 5-patch quilt block

Ladies Sashay 12=inch 5-Patch  Quilt Block
Combine Sets M and S for 12" blocks like Ladies Shashay.

Marti designed the new blocks in the Patchwork Party., Most are made with Set M; several are made with Set S.

Want to cut strips the perfect with for Set S? Download The Best Way to Cut Strips with Set S.



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