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Set R - 5" Peaky and Spike

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Set R

Set R


The late Doreen Speckmann named a pair of isosceles triangles and made them famous around the quilt world. In her honor, we continue the "Peaky and Spike" tradition. However, I refer to them only as a pair. You must read one of Doreen's books* to know which triangle is which - and it probably isn't what you think!

Peaky and Spike are featured in dozens of traditional quilt patterns; one of my favorites is the Elongated Star, shown above right. They are the two triangular shapes most likely to convince people they love using our templates. The 3" size is in Set C and 4" is in Set D. People have asked for a larger set, and here it is! Set R makes a 5" finished unit. The 5" size is perfect for today's popular larger fabric prints, and it doesn't take many blocks to cover a bed. In their simplest form, you'll love the many 10" and 15" pinwheels and star blocks you can make with Set R.

Set RTry Set R with our Scrappy Sedona Star pattern for a king-size version of that quilt made with 15" blocks. The Trading Places cutting layout for this larger size is not in the pattern, so we've included it in the template instruction sheets. If you own the pattern, you can also download a PDF of the cutting layout.

Set R is compatible with Sets Q and T for even more block designs, including many of those in the Encyclopedia of Patchwork Blocks, Volumes 1 and 2, and blocks in Doreen's books.*

Use the New Set Q, 2 1/2 inch sub-units in 5" units, and Set T to cut nearly every block in Volume 2 of the Encyclopedia of Patchwork Blocks. You can see the blocks on the Block Index page. Set T instruction booklet includes conversion information.

The Encyclopedia of Patchwork Blocks Volume 2 by Marti Michell


Encyclopedia of Patchwork Blocks, Volume 2
Featuring Template Sets A & C, and B & D. 207 block possibilities from 2 1/2 inches to 24 inches—81 designs in 2-4 sizes! Add a Bonus Set (C or D) to a Basic Set and you’ll be making old and new blocks like Crazy Ann, Grandmother’s Choice, Starry Path and Toad in a Puddle. Plus two additional popular blocks: Dimensional Bow Tie and Dimensional Spool.
48 pages.

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*At this writing (10/03), Travels with Peaky & Spike: Doreen Speckmann's Quilting Adventures, ISBN 157 1200 762 (C & T Publishing, 1999) is still in print. However, Pattern Play: Creating Your Own Quilts, ISBN 091 488 1701 (C & T, 1994) is not. Check your library or search the Web. Both books are full of designs featuring Peaky & Spike.


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