Fraternal Twins Quilt Designs

“Fraternal Twins” Make Great Quilts 

Omission of a portion of a block design can create a new block that alternates with the original block. In addition, it saves fabric, cuts piecing time and adds design interest to a quilt. In the example shown below, the center of the Gardener’s Star II block, the on-point portion, remains the same in all blocks. However, the 4 pieced corner triangles are eliminated and replaced with four large triangles. For 12ʺ finished blocks, the new corner triangles can be cut with From Marti Michell’s Large Diagonal Set Triangle Ruler #8968 or with the Multi-size Half Square Triangle Ruler #8290. After adding the corner pieces, true up blocks to 12½ʺ, including seam allowance. 

Alternate as many blocks as you need for your quilt. However, the design benefits from having all 4 corner blocks match, which results in an odd number of blocks in each row. 

fraternal Twins Quilt Designs

Add border as desired to complete new quilt designs. 

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  • Anna Tarquini

    I like this quilt all colored

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