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What is the Perfect Patchwork System©?

It's our combination of templates, books and patterns that results of perfect patchwork quilts. We won the Best New Product Awards with our first sets of templates, A through D. Since then we have created new template sets each year – We now offer Sets A through T. We have also added several pattern-specific sets to the line, such as Drunkard's Path and Giant Dahlia, and one patch designs like Tumbler, Windmill and Apple Core, and we offer a variety of books and patterns so you can make perfect patchwork quilts in a variety of favorite designs.

Rotary cutting and strip techniques revolutionized patchwork, and From Marti Michell Perfect Patchwork Templates take the revolution a step further. Their revolutionary corner concept by Jane Hackworth Gruchacz means cutting pieces that match perfectly–no pinning or guessing required, and no more "dog ears" ensnared by the throat plate or shadowing through light fabrics. The thick acrylic templates mean you can rotary-cut multiple layers of fabric at one time. Combined with perfectly-sewn 1/4" (6mm) seams and the block patterns in the Encyclopedia of Patchwork Blocks, Volumes 1 through 4 and 6, you’ll be making more quilts, more easily and more quickly!

Here's a video of Stacy Michell demonstrating how quick-and-easy Pefect Patchwork Templates are to use.

Perfect Patchwork by the Numbers
The blocks in the books are keyed by number to just the right templates. Perfect Patchwork Templates are silkscreened with unique numbers, so one template cannot be mistaken for another. The entire system currently includes almost 100 numbered templates, plus Giant Dahlia and our newest member of the template family, Tessellating Windmill. Companion tools such as the 60-degree equilateral triangle rulers, diagonal set triangle rulers and folding mirrors make designing and quiltmaking easier and more fun than ever.

There are over 300 block designs to choose from in Volumes 1 through 4 to make in over 750 sizes! Most can be made in the popular 12" block size and in at least two other sizes; many blocks can be made in four sizes, and sizes range from 2 1/2 inches to 36 inches! Volume 6 includes over 4 dozen quilt designs based on a hexagon and shapes in the 60-degree family.


Perfect Patchwork Templates

Two-time Winner of Best New Product Award
1997 Hobby Industry of America Show
Co-Winner for Product Excellence
1996 Canadian Sewing & Needlecraft Show
Best New Product

PERFECT for rotary cutters–Cut multiple layers at one time.
PERFECT shapes and sizes–Specific-size 1/8-inch thick acrylic pieces. No guessing which line to use on a ruler.
PERFECT 1/4-inch seam allowances already added.
PERFECT laser cut accuracy on every piece.
PERFECT corners–Not just blunt but revolutionary double blunt corners engineered for perfect alignment.
PERFECT permanent identification system.
PERFECT companion tools for strip cutting and piecing techniques.


Every Good Story Has an Almost Perfect Character

Our friend Jane Hackworth Gruchacz sets and meets goals. Many years ago, she accomplished her goal of early retirement. She finally had time to do things for fun, like fish, learn how to quilt and have a big garden. While playing with lots of quilt designs, Jane became dissatified with templates. That was when her computer skills crossed into her quilting life. Jane was drawing pieces for quilt designs in her CAD program and had found someone to laser cut acrylic templates for her. She came up with a great idea for taming unruly corners and dog ears.

When her friends saw Jane's templates, they wanted some, too, so Jane drew more patterns and got more templates cut. Before long, Jane said, "Wait a minute, I retired to fish and quilt and garden, not to start a business!"

Jane owned some of my books and liked them. One day, she drove to Atlanta to meet me and my husband Richard, and before she left, Jane asked if we would be interested in developing templates that featured her precision corner concept and the appropriate supporting materials. We feel very honored.