Square Within a Square Hidden Star Designs Make 3 Sizes with Set B!

Several blocks in Group 2 of the Free Block Friday blocks feature a Square Within a Square center motif, shown at left. Think of that unit as a complete block and alternate positive/ negative blocks to make an effective "hidden star" quilt, shown below. A Flying Geese border completes the illusion.

Echoes II actually has a square in a square in a square in the center of the block. The addition of a second round of triangles creates one of my favorite 2-color or scrap quilt patterns. Use From Marti Michell Template Set B pieces 10, 13, and 11 to make a 5 5/8ʺ block. That is an odd-size block, but a very sweet size for a crib quilt or lap quilt. 

Use Set B pieces 8, 11 and 9 for a finished 8ʺ block. 

Alternate positive/negative blocks as often as needed for your desired finished size quilt. Make it square or rectangular and add borders as desired. 


On pages 31 and 32 of More Bang for the Buck there is more information on cutting square in a square units.

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