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Nine-Patch Parade Starter Kit

Includes 6 Pattern booklets and 2 Nine Patch Rulers for 3" and 4" Nine Patch blocks!

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Quilters Love Perfect Patchwork Templates!

Template sets for rotary cutting, featuring special engineered corners that automatically reduce bulk. This revolutionary corner concept means cutting pieces that match perfectly:

• No pinning or guessing required • No more "dog ears" ensnared by the throat plate • No shadowing through light fabrics • No going back after sewing to trim excess bulk – it's trimmed away at the same time the pieces are cut. • The thick acrylic templates mean you can rotary-cut multiple layers of fabric at one time.

They are PERFECT for:
• Rotary cutters–Cut multiple layers at one time • Shapes and sizes–Specific-size 1/8-inch thick acrylic pieces. No guessing which line to use on a ruler • 1/4-inch seam allowances already added • Laser cut accuracy on every piece • Corners–Not just blunt but revolutionary double blunt corners engineered for perfect alignment • Permanent identification system • Companion tools for strip cutting and piecing techniques.

What are perfect patchwork templates?

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Quilters Hall of Fame

We have exciting news! Marti Michell has been announced as the 2020 inductee into the Quilters Hall of Fame in Marion, Indiana! .