8346 | Encyclopedia of Patchwork Blocks, Volume 4

8346 | Encyclopedia of Patchwork Blocks, Volume 4

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Blocks made with Perfect Patchwork Template Sets L and M have a uniquely interesting mix-and-match relationship, due to the uneven number of units in the designs (either 7x7 for Set L or 5x5 for Set M. Volume 4 features more blocks and more quilt ideas than any of the first three volumes and all of it is still packed into 48 pages - Still a great value! You can use 8 1/2" blocks from Volume 4 in the center of a Feathered Star made with Set P, too.


Sets L and M – Five and Seven Patch Templates – and Volume 4

We were thinking "12-inch sampler blocks" when we developed Sets L and M.

Use Set L to make seven patch blocks and Set M for five patch blocks. There are 109 designs for 12" blocks in Volume 4 of the Encyclopedia of Patchwork Blocks.

UPDATE: There is an error in the upper righthand corner diagram on pages 30 and 31. In both of these template keys, please change number 70 to number 75. We apologize for the error, which will be corrected in the next reprint.

Encyclopedia of Patchwork Blocks, Volume 4 Product No. 8346

Set L Product No 8346
Set M Product No. 8955

Templates Set S and Set M are perfect companion sets !

The smallest pieces in Set M are used as the biggest pieces in the 6″ blocks, while the small pieces in Set S provide the opportunity to make many more detailed 12-inch blocks. Some people might even call them 10 x 10 blocks.


To see all the blocks design options in the Encyclopedia of Patchwork Block Index Volume 1-4, click here >

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