8025 | Machine Quilting in Sections book
8025 | Machine Quilting in Sections book

8025 | Machine Quilting in Sections book

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You can machine quilt in sections on your own sewing machine!

No extra equipment to buy! No additional space required! You can finish more quilts without the expense, or delay, of sending them out.

Just divide your quilts into smaller sections, easy to manage and easy to assemble.

  • Six ways to assemble quilted sections.
  • Three ways to add borders to quilted centers.
  • A dozen examples of common quilt styles suitable for Low-Carb quilting: medallion, diagonal set, strippy, et cetera. (When Marti "cuts carbs" by dividing the batting, she adds it back in using Marti's Choice Fusible Tape.
  • Four step-by-step patterns featuring Low-Carb quilting techniques, including Not Such Hard Times, shown on the cover, World Without End, Primrose Lane and Picnic Basket. For variety, try Low-Fat Quilting - divide the batting, not the quilt!

Watch a quick video where Marti introduces quilting in sections. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OeelhIA3qAY

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