8022 | Flying Geese Ruler

8022 | Flying Geese Ruler

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This ruler was made in response to many customer requests for a "bigger triangle."

Download the Flying Geese Ruler Instructions PDF

Now you can cut both triangles for Flying Geese units in 5 sizes!

2 1/2" x 5"  |  3" x 6"  |  3 1/2" x 7"  |  4" x 8"  |  4 1/2" x 9"

Instructions come with the ruler. Just cut strips according to the widths marked on the ruler and align the ruler on the strips using the appropriate horizontal or vertical line to cut triangles. Nip the points using the ruler's special engineered corners for perfect sewing alignment.

The ruler is also marked with Perfect Patchwork Template Equivalents. Use the Flying Geese Ruler to cut large 9+9 (Set B), 2+2 (Set A), and 94+94 (Set Q) triangles, too!

In fact, you can make 35 sizes of Flying Geese units with our acrylic products! And here's how to use one triangle to cut a triangle twice as big.

PDF Download Flying Geese Sizes

 Free Flying Geese Quilt Pattern Download PDF

Strippy Quilt Design Grid Page

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